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Aww :) 


Aww :) 

I seriously don't know who to ask and you're a nice dude so i'm a tumblr noob and i'm wondering how can i make my tumblr page into two columns like yours? I've seen some videos but tumblr has changed a lot and they posted that years ago

Well, mine only has that second column for basic blog information. It comes standard with the Redux theme.

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no o

Bunny dubstep, bunstep if you will.
When I saw how excited you were about seeing the Touhou Eurobeat CD and actually holding it and talking about it and the other CD's was the cutest thing ever! My heart fluttered just seeing how excited you were about it! You're going to kill me with your cuteness! <3333333

im ded


It's always nice of you to pop in during MicTheMicrophone's twitch streams and talk with his viewers.

Always down to add some salt to my day~

When u stop being cute

Then this would’a never starteddddd

It's true! You are the Ultimate Cute!


Would you get crossfaded at a con with me senpai?

But my controller already has a crossfader…? ou o;

One last one before it's no longer tuesday. What's something in a girl that turns you on?

Assertiveness. If she can beat me to the punch on something romantic, just… wow.