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I just finished two songs’ lyrics, vocals, and production today. They were due tomorrow to a client.

What a weight off my shoulders. I feel like I’m not only done with my obligations in that sense, but I’m also in a state where I could create some new/original material without hating it.

I’m going to give myself a break first, but… whew. :,D



Speaking of acoustic drums in electronic stuff


I'm not like the other anons. Could I get a kiss from you?

I don’t give kisses easily, even to people I know very dearly! I’m sorry, it’s nothing you’re doing wrong, it’s my own inhibitions.


Welp, two tracks sent off for iTunes confirmation.
It ends to now.

While I doubt there’ll be any trouble getting these up, good luck!

I take it you’re submitting these directly as opposed to using a service like Tunecore or CDBaby?

Are you aboard the BCon hype train or are you still not sure if you want Tom Hanks to punch your ticket?

Hype doesn’t hit me until a little bit into the thing for which I’ve been waiting. But, in the end… yes, I’m excited. :)

Going to bed for now. Nini world!

Odyssey senpai, c-can I kiss you?

Sorry, but I can’t kiss someone I don’t know!

Just listened to the riff (that's what it's called, right?) you posted earlier. Can't wait for the song to be released. Also, will MLaaP vol. 1 ever be released as a physical CD?

MLAaP1 has been a physical CD a couple times! I print CDs when it’s financially viable to do so. :)

could you please post a pic of your face and legs please?


crashmaster replied to your post: kaizerroll said:What are you doin…

Have you ever used Sausage Fattener?

No, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good if used right.